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Level up with the Badass.

Dominant, confident, and exhilarating. With a strong, chiseled look and a formidable stance, the new Kia Seltos showcases its Badass traits. Featuring highly powerful and fuel-efficient engine options, along with 32 safety features including 17 autonomous ADAS Level 2 features, the reinvented Seltos has everything it takes to be a Badass on the road.



Kia Seltos Color Variants
Paint:  Imperial Blue
  • Kia Seltos Imperial Blue
  • Kia Seltos Pewter Olive
  • Kia Seltos Intense Red
  • Kia Seltos Glacier White Pearl
  • Kia Seltos Gravity Grey
  • Kia Seltos Aurora Black Pearl
  • Kia Seltos Sparkling Silver
  • Kia Seltos
  • Kia Seltos

Level up with the badass.

Introducing the new Seltos X-Line that exudes confidence and power with its bold and aggressive design. Equipped with advanced features and offering an exhilarating driving experience, the new Seltos X-Line is designed to inspire and empower.​


Make a powerful statement

Experience the bold new design of the Kia Seltos, exuding style and attitude. Its aggressive, muscular build, athletic shoulder lines, and stylized front and rear showcase its robust character. Get in and conquer any road.​


Exquisitely designed, inside out.

With its awe-inspiring interiors boasting stylish and edgy design, along with generous space for supreme comfort, the redefined new Kia Seltos becomes your ultimate travel companion. Parking Brake, Smart Pure Air Purifier with virus and bacteria protection, and Bose Premium Sound System with 8 Speakers, it redefines your driving experience with unparalleled comfort.​


Unrivaled Power & Performance

The new Kia Seltos delivers dynamic performance, elevating your driving experience. With advanced, powerful, and fuel-efficient engine options, it offers ultimate power and performance, empowering you to hit the road on your own terms.​


Badass 2.0 meets future of Manual Transmission

Switch to the tech that inspires with the new Seltos. The Badass comes equipped with the convenient, fun, and exciting iMT technology that offers you hassle-free drive every time you hit the road.​


Take Control Like a boss.

The new Kia Seltos offers integrated home-to-car connectivity through the Next-gen Kia Connect app.With Alexa and Google Voice Assistant, you can control your car using the app on your smartwatch or smartphone.Enjoy over 60 smart connected features for a fun and convenient drive. ​


Safety maximized with intelligent ADAS Level 2

The new Seltos enhances situational awareness by detecting vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians using advanced sensing technology. It actively prevents collisions, ensures pedestrian safety, and offers a safer, more intuitive, and rewarding driving experience with its Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) consisting of 17 Autonomous Level 2 features.​


Unparalleled safety as standard.

The new Seltos features a comprehensive range of 15 Robust Hi-Safety advanced features as part of its standard safety kit, allowing you to stay in control and respond to sudden impacts swiftly.

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Kia Seltos Color Variants Kia Seltos Color Variants Kia Seltos Color Variants Kia Seltos Color Variants Kia Seltos Color Variants Kia Seltos Color Variants